Booking Through Thursday & American Thanksgiving

Although we here in Canada had Thanksgiving in October, I'd like to wish my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving. Love that Macy's parade!

Booking Through Thursday is a little different this week. First, it was posted on Monday and, second, it's hosted by someone else. So here it goes:

Connecting Words

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Okay, today’s question is going to be a little different. First, I’m posting it early because Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I’m going to be busy making and eating turkey as I’m sure some of you will also be, so I want to give everyone time to play. And two, because I’m basically going to link you through to somebody else’s blog with a question that I thought was pretty interesting.

Joanna and Brad are asking about “connecting words,” and they don’t mean conjunctions like “and” or “but.” No, what they’re looking for are unique, or treasured words that we’ve found out and about in our daily travels, words that might not be common usage, or often heard, but which struck a chord for some reason.

This is unorthodox, of course, but here’s the thing: if you link back to Joanna’s post (which is where the rules are written), you’re eligible to win a prize. Not to mention joining in some great conversation about interesting words.

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to leave a comment there or not. She only specifies that you should link to it in your post, but . . . I suppose a comment wouldn’t hurt. But, as always, comment here, too, please so that all of us can play along. I’ve already answered this one here.

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments.

This is an interesting question. Through the internet, I've learned a plethora (haha- saw that in someone else's post) of dirty words and acronyms (LOL). It's difficult to remember the ones I've picked up from other bloggers, but there are a few that stand out.
  • Poppet. The first time I saw this I thought, "What the heck is a poppet?" When I saw those cute little roaming knomes of the internet, I just had to have one.
  • Enbiggen & savvy. Kookiejar is the Pop Culture Queen and some of her words attach themselves to me, like enbiggen (from the Simpsons) "It's a perfectly cromulent word" and savvy (from Captain Jack Sparrow)
  • Bookaholic. As in Stephanie's Confessions of... A good description of myself.
  • ARC. A beautiful word for bookaholics. Advanced Readers Copy (free books!)
My island has an interesting vernacular and I thought I heard it all until my brother-in-law used the phrase "Fill your boots." It's kinda similar to "get 'er done" or "give 'er". Want some more turkey? Fill your boots. (Use that around the table today!) Here are some other local words:
  • Sook. A whiner, cry baby.
  • By'. Usually 'boy' but can be used at the end of every sentence. "You should have seen her face, by'"
  • Puck. To hit someone. "If you don't stop it by', I'm going to puck you in the head."
  • Bun of bread. My husband hates this one. A loaf of bread.
There's a ton of them but that's the ones that stand out.


  1. I like puck. It sounds cool. I am going to use it from now onwards!

  2. Not surprisingly, some of your island words sound a bit familiar to me here in Britain. I'm interested in local dialects and in the way they've travelled to Canada. I haven't heard puck here, I'll have to check that one out.

  3. Wow, lots of words to explore here...

    Sook is familiar to me too - but not puck, which I love as well.

    And savvy - from a quick look on the net is it used as a question in the Jack Sparrow context?

    Thanks for joining in, and making some new connections


  4. 'puck'

    Aw, brings me back.

    I'm from the Acadian part and we say:

    "poque a mayoche" which means the same thing.

  5. Great words--thanks for playing!

  6. We say 'fill your boots' all the time.

  7. Interesting choice of words. I wrote about kipple for mine. Happy BTT.

  8. Helene- I wonder if that's where puck comes from?


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