Read-a-thon Day

Today's the big day. The 24 hour Read-a-thon has started over at The Hidden Side of the Leaf. Already some readers are up and at it. I'm a Cheerleader so I'll be visiting blogs throughout the day.

Good luck to all Readers!!!


  1. Hooray! I hope you have fun. Don't forget to stop by and check for mini-challenges, because some are for Cheerleaders, too! Like the one I'm going to post in three minutes.

  2. I am glad there are so many of you cheerleaders out there to help encourage the readers. :-)

  3. Hi Chris - Thank you for being a cheerleader!

  4. Becky's page does that to my computer too.
    Good for you cheering on the readers. (I'm cheering you on, you need suppport too.)


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