Karen E Olson: Blog Tour

During the week of November 5-11, Karen E Olson will be running a blog tour to promote her new book Dead of the Day. On November 9 (Friday) she'll be here, guest hosting on my blog! I've never had a guest blogger before, so I'm pretty excited. Also, during that week, I'll be posting my reviews of a couple of her books. I hope you'll all pop in.

If you don't know, Karen writes mysteries and Dead of the Day is the third in the Annie Seymour series. Here's the list of appearances for the blog tour on Karen's website.

Also, you can buy Karen's books on Amazon:


  1. Very Cool!! I can't wait to see what she says!

  2. My goodness, imagine my surprise when checking my favorite blogs today and my picture pops up here!

    But really, I'm so thrilled that you'll have me next week. I'll be writing about mystery series and my favorites and why.

  3. Karen- Hope that's ok. I wanted everyone to know who you were!

  4. I will definitely be dropping in to read Karen's post. :-) It is exciting, isn't it?

  5. Oh cool! And the third one is out now? Awesome.


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