Halloween Tree

Scribbit continues the Winter Bizarre. If you have a Halloween project on your blog, give her the link.
Here's my contribution, Halloween Tree.

It's not hard to do but has several parts. First, what you need:

From the Dollarama (or other dollar store):
  • a plastic pumpkin pail
  • mini spider webs with spiders
  • foam cutouts
  • plastic skulls
  • Halloween scrapbooking supplies (ribbon, paper, stickers, etc)

From the Hardware Store:

  • insulating foam
  • black spray paint
  • glitter spray paint
  • sphagnum moss

From Around the House:

  • Tree branch (don't use birch- too fragile)
  • cardboard
  • mod podge
  • foam brushes
  • photos
  • rocks
  • candy corn

What You Do:

(The Tree) First, spray the branch black. It may take several coats. Let dry thoroughly. Place heavy stones in bottom of pail. Put the branch in center of pail. Secure (so it won't tip over). Fill pail with foam. The foam will expand so you may have to tidy it up later. Let dry completely. Place sphagnum moss over foam. Toss candy corn on top.

(Ornaments): Glitter Spray foam cut outs on one side. Dry. Make a hanger with ribbon. Mod Podge foam cut outs on unglittered side. Sandwich ribbon between 2 (of the same) foam cut outs. (See pic on right).

Mod Podge scrapbook paper, stickers, photos of Halloweens Past on to one side of several 2-4 inch square pieces of cardboard. Let Dry. Glue 2 squares together, sandwiching ribbon hangers between them.

Finishing Touch:

Hang handmade ornaments, skulls. Spread webs and place spiders in web. Find somewhere safe to display.

Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. Fun! We've got the perfect branch to use from a tree my husband cut down the other day.

  2. Nice job, Chris. I need some of those plastic skulls.

  3. Very cool!! You are very crafty!

  4. Spraying the tree with black and glitter is a great idea, I'd never thought of that. I bet it would be a good edition to my Easter tree.

  5. That's so cute!! I decorated for Halloween, last year, and this year it's still so hot that Halloween seems eons away. We hit the 90's, today, and it rained. Yurgh. I'll save that craft thought for next year.


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