Go Outside Already!

Scribbit continues her Halloween theme during her Winter Bizarre. Today my suggestion is Go Leafing! Not so Halloweeny but timely. I'm lucky. Fall goes out in a blaze of oranges and reds where I live. Just today my island was mentioned in this travel article: Canada's Top Fall Foliage Spots. If you're lucky enough to have that spectacular change in your area, take advantage. Those colours don't last long! Walk around the neighbourhood, or you can do like I do and plan a day trip.

Taking a drive in the country is the easiest way but you can also hike. Throw the kids in the car, fill up the tank and head out. Just bring plenty of snacks and tunes. For a more adventurous outing, take a hike. I've done this and it is possible with little ones. Even babies (if you're up to it, there are those baby backpack thingies!). Pick an easy trail, though if you have preschoolers. Here's a Mom's survival guide:
  • Know the trail. How long is the trail? How difficult?Are there outhouses? Picnic tables? A goal to reach like a cavern or waterfall? Any hazards? Local bookstores sell guides or look online for tourism information.
  • Bring sunscreen and bug spray. Usually, this isn't a problem in fall, but you never know.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Bring water and/or snacks.
  • Make sure everyone pees before you go!
  • Wear good walking shoes, preferably waterproof them.
  • Bring a camera for pics of the foliage and camera hogs.
  • Keep an extra pair of socks, pants, etc in the car, because you never know who's going to take a tumble.
  • Be prepared to carry someone. If the trail is long, you will hear that familiar whine, "I'm so tired. Carry me!"
  • Carry a cell phone just in case you have an emergency.

I love Fall Hikes! It's a great opportunity to teach the kids about nature. Have fun!


  1. We too love fall hikes. i'd recommend one more thing...pick up a field guide. It's fun to identify different flora with the kids! Many bookstores offer small nature guides and laminated sheets for the most common items too!

  2. Great post! Fall is my favorite time to go hiking, we try to get out on the Appalachian trail as much as possible, as well as other local hikes (although not as much this year, sadly).

  3. Fall hikes are great! How cool that your island was mentioned. I wonder if my neck of the woods was, a lot of people come here to see our leaves, in any case. I think the whole province could be easily mentioned. :) I like leaves until I have to rake them! We had really strong winds yesterday, so we lost a lot. My lawn is buried and I know that soon I will have to dig out the rake. Really not looking forward to that.

  4. Crunchy- That's a good one. Thanks.

    Nyssaneala- Fall is the best. Not too hot and the bugs aren't too bad.

    K- The Fundy Trail in NB was on the list. Close. I like to rake the first couple of bags, then I'm "enough with the leaves!" The wind was really bad last night here too. A lot of bare trees today.

  5. I love finding and arranging beautiful fall leaves. Thanks for the trip suggestions.

  6. Fall hikes are the best. Something about the crunch of the leaves and the smell in the air.

  7. Those are excellent tips. I was just noticing the trees in my area and am going to take pictures of them tomorrow to post sometime in the future.

  8. I love walking at this time of year too!

  9. I love getting out in nature, but there's a bit too much nature, here. Not much place to hike, apart from walking on the road in the national military park (my favorite place in Vicksburg). You're so lucky to have places to hike without, you know, poison ivy and snakes blocking the path. LOL Too early to enjoy leaves, here, but at least we've cooled off. Enjoy your gorgeous leaves. I'm getting a vicarious thrill out of all the lovely photos and talk about changing leaves.

  10. Nature hikes are so fun, it makes you think like a child and recognize the beautiful things I would otherwise sometimes overlook.


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