October is here! It's one of my favorite months. Some of my favorite people were born in this month (lucky ducks!) I love the chill in the air and the colours...oh, the colours here are spectacular. The trees tart it up in October before the November winds strip them bare. The oranges, reds, yellows. We're so proud of our fall colours here we have a music festival in celebration: Celtic Colours.

October hadn't even started, but I just had to make the annual trip to the farm for pumpkins. As usual, we picked out our pumpkins, straw bales, corn stalks and then did the corn maze. I don't think we've made it through the whole thing yet! It's a lot of fun. This year, on the way to the farm, I spotted a fantastic Pumpkin U-Pick and let the kiddie pick her own. The lady there had the best variety: white (ghost) ones, Cinderella pumpkins, blue ones, tiny ones. I was in pumpkin heaven.

Now I have to make my pumpkin display. I've been going through all my Martha Stewart magazines to get ideas. I share my love of Martha with Carl. Martha knows Halloween!

In Canada, Thanksgiving is next Monday. My husband and I love Thanksgiving. It's the one time we enjoy making a big, complicated meal. I've bought my turkey and hubby will make pumpkin pies. I'm thinking of making a spice cake too (thanks Martha). I've already made ginger cookies in the shape of pumpkins and ghosts. Today I bought black and orange sugar for the kid to decorate them.

And since it's also Breast Cancer Awareness month, I had to buy my pink M&M's to support the cause. Check out their Pass the Pink campaign.

Does anyone else love October as much as I do?! I hope you get inspired to do something fallish this month. Before you know it dreary November will be here.


  1. October is a big month for us, as most of my family members celebrate birthdays: 4th, 6th, 15th, 18th, 20th, and 31st. It's almost like Christmas :)

  2. What a perfectly October post! Your Thanksgiving menu has me drooling over here! Sounds delicious. That pumpkin patch sounds great. Living in a big city, I miss out on things like that. We have make shift pumpkin patches where people just throw a bunch of pumpkins on some hay and call it a patch, but it's not the same...but it's still fun for the kiddies. Have a great October!

  3. Oh yes! October is probably my favorite month of the year!! I love the autumn, with the chill starting in the air, and the changing of the leaves!! And I love Halloween. I have to find a free day to go to the orchards here and pick apples and pick our pumpkins!! Mmmmm...I can almost smell the fresh baked dutch apple pies now!

  4. Karen- My October looks a lot like that too. My dh has a big one this month, but I'm not allowed to talk about it...ahem.

    Chris- Yes, country living has it's advantages. Real farms being one of them. And then there's the annual trip to the Christmas tree farm in Dec.

    Stephanie- Mmmmm...apple pie *drool*

  5. I love it too, but it was in the 90's here today! Hopefully it will feel more Octoberish by this weekend. Happy Thanksgiving! I have Monday off for Columbus Day. Yea!

  6. Hi Chris! Although we don't have four seasons here, but I could already feel the autumn just reading this post! ;) Love the pumpkins pic.

  7. I love october just because it's an excuse to cook with pumpkin. PUMPKIN PIE FOR THE WIN!


    I'm good now.

  8. All your talk about Thanksgiving has made me very anxious to start the holiday season. I think I'm going to put up my Halloween decorations tomorrow. Can't wait.

  9. For the first time in years I'm going to be dressing up for Halloween for a party. I think it's the first real Halloween party I've been too. I'm super excited. Planning to go as a sexy adult version of Little Red Riding Hood. Hey, it's simple, red cap and black dress eh? :)

  10. Autumn is definitely my favorite season, too. When I lived in a cooler climate, my favorite month was September (also my birthday month) but here the weather gets just perfect in October.


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