A Borderline Case: Short Story Review

Yet another short story from Daphne DuMaurier. In this one, Shelagh, a young actress is witness to the sudden death of her father. As if waking from a nightmare, he calls her name, his face a mask of horror. She is shocked and disturbed by this reaction and goes over and over his last few minutes. What had she done? Why did he look at her that way?

Her father in his last moments makes an offhand comment about trying to make amends with an old friend in Ireland. They had a falling out after he refused to recommend the man for a job. Shelagh impulsively travels to Ireland to find the man, a man her father called a borderline case. She finds out more than she ever wanted to know.

This story is much better than The Breakthrough. It's suspenseful and mysterious with a twist at the end. Shelagh is a Daddy's girl and the way it all plays out is quite brilliant (and icky).


  1. It's amazing how a passing comment like "brilliant (and icky)" intrigues me so much. Where did you find this story? Is it in a larger collection?

  2. Haha! I didn't want to give too much away. It's in "Don't Look Now and Other Stories."

  3. Yep, "brillant (and icky)" is enough for me to read it as well!! I love du Maurier!! I haven't read any of the short stories though. Guess I will have to!

  4. I've read enough of your reviews of duMaurier now to really want to get this book - it sounds very good.

  5. Hi Chris, would you be interested in hosting next Monday's short story monday?

  6. This sounds fascinating! I loved Rebecca and have heard so many other great things about Du Maurier I really should look for some more of her books.

  7. OMG ive read this story quite a few times and i still don't get the plot. can someone enlighten me please, because im really lost here. I kind of got what happened but i dont understand the twist nor how it comes together. Someone please help me thanks!

    1. Can I join your club. Just read the book and haven't got a clue as to its meaning


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