The Philippa Gregory Web Event

Just before the Philippa Gregory's web event was to start, I made myself a cup of tea, locked the bedroom door, and settled with my laptop on my bed. When I signed in, only 24 other web attendees were present. By the time the event started, there were just over 100 (About 140 were in attendance for the whole thing). About 90 people were with Philippa in the flesh, including an actual descendant of Mary Boleyn!

Philippa started the event on time (maybe even a bit early) and was lovely in a mauve scoop-neck blouse. She was quite enthusiastic and personable. I had no problem listening to her for the 1 and 1/2 she answered questions. Unfortunately, none of mine were answered (so sad), but a lot of the web audience's questions were.

I was fascinated by her answers to questions on her writing process. She does all her own research and loves it. It takes her six to eight months, plus she continues researching while she's writing. She doesn't change historical fact, that's not honest, but tells her version. I think that really shows in her books.
Not only did she talk about her Tudor books, but a few of her earlier works, like The Wise Woman. I hadn't heard of this one, which she calls her 'gothic novel'.

Her future projects include The Other Queen (2008) about Mary Queen of Scots, plus she's researching for novels on Henry the VII and The Plantagenets. I look forward to them. Not to mention, the movie The Other Boleyn girl with Natalie Portman will be released on February 29, 2008, as well as plans in the works for The Boleyn Inheritance and a 4 part series (US) based on The Queen's Fool.

I had some technical problems (lost sound or screen froze) a couple of times and I couldn't get the actual footage of Philippa speaking to enlarge (it was pretty small). An hour and a half is a bit long, I think, an hour would have been better (the audience was looking a bit sleepy). Overall, it was an interesting afternoon. I was a great way for her to reach people like me who she wouldn't otherwise, since I'm not in a major city.
For more information on the event and Philippa Gregory go to her website.


  1. How neat! I read The Other Boleyn Girl at the beginning of 2007 and really enjoyed it.

  2. great post! I hadn't head about this one.

    * Check out my big blog announcement.

  3. This sounds like great fun! Thanks for passing along your thoughts on it!

  4. Pretty amazing how technology has changed so quickly and events like this are possible.
    I took The Other Boleyn Girl into school and it is making its way around the staffroom. It's so good!

  5. I love Phillippa Gregory, thank you for posting about this. I will have to keep my eye out for the next event. Thanks for asking about the history challange if you would like more info go to


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