Labour (With a 'U') Day

Labour Day. The unofficial end of summer. This week my girl starts school. I think I'm more nervous about it than she is. Will she be ok? Get along with the teacher? The kids? I hope so.
For me, that means a few hours to myself. What will I do with it? Well, I hope to read a lot. I have several books in mind. I have a few reviews to do and challenges to catch up on. I'm looking forward to reading a spooky story for Carl's RIP2 Challenge, while watcing the leaves change colour.
The scrapbooking I said I was going to do never happened so I have that too. I did get a new printer, a Canon Selphy CP720. It's awesome and I have no excuses now.
I do want to start some kind of regular exercise. I'm sadly out of shape and since I moved out of my old house I haven't used my treadmill at all. At least I can read while I'm on it. And on lovely fall days I can throw on my music and walk in the fresh air.
I can't wait for the Honey Crisp apples to arrive at the Farmers' Markets. I already bought a bag of beets that have to be pickled. I love homemade beets.
Oh, I can go get a haircut...during the day...without begging for a babysitter. Or a cup of coffee with the hubby or a friend. Wahoo!
I'm a simple girl and you can see that I have simple wishes. It all looks so pretty in my head. I hope I can recreate it in real life!
"Hey hey hey,
Ba de ya - say do you remember
Ba de ya - dancing in September
Ba de ya - never was a cloudy day"


  1. Have you tried: for cataloging???

  2. When my nephew started school my sister was definitely more nervous and I felt it too. He loves school!

    Good luck to you both! Anyway while I am have been tagged. Follow Me!

  3. Christina- (Great name ;) ) I'll have to check it out.

    Dancin' Fool- I had a look at the meme. Funny! I'll have to get back to you with my answers.

  4. It's funny how you think you'll have lots of time and the day just flies by and before you know it, the school bus is dropping her off... But it is nice to be able to make a doctor's appointment and not struggle with "do I bring her or find someone to watch her?" School starts tomorrow for my daughter, fifth grade and last year in elementary school. She's Big Girl on Campus this year and is anticipating this with delight. I don't know how the years melt away so quickly.

  5. Oh...Ana started Kindergarten too this year!! The day I dropped her off for the first time, I left with a few tears in my eyes. Isn't it sad (and beautiful) how fast they grow up?? Does Norah have 1/2 day or all-day Kindergarten? Ours is almost the whole day. They actually get out about 1/2 hour earlier than the rest of the kids.

    Good luck getting stuff done!

  6. You quoted the very song that has been bouncing around my head since I woke up. Earth, Wind and Fire, man, they don't make groups like that anymore, do they?

  7. Enjoy your newfound freedom, and I hope your daughter does swimmingly in school! I'm sure she'll be fine. :)

  8. Karen- I wouldn't doubt it! There are never enough hours in a day.

    Stephanie- She gets off about an hour before 'the big kids.' I'm nervous, excited, emotional, you name it.

    Andi- Thanks!

    Kookie- It been in my head for days now. I had to get it out of my system.

  9. Beets are not food! But maybe that's just me. And kookiejar.

    Your daughter will be fine! You'll just be a wreck until it's all over. Mommies. You all are so cute.

    Did you get a haircut?

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  11. I hope you get all your "simple wishes".


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