Freaky Friday

Highlights of the Week:
  • The kid started school. She got on the bus and returned from school on the same. Somehow I survived.
  • Estella's Revenge for September is now posted.
  • If you love John's Great Wednesday Compare, let him know. (And say Gaiman, it makes him giggle.)
  • Big thanks to Bookseller Chick. She sent me My Summer of Southern Discomfort (which I had forgot I won!)
  • You still have time (until the 14th) to send a link to Booknut for the Bookworm Carnival.
  • Kimbooktu is compiling a weblog of book blogs. If you have one, send her your link.
  • Get creative and make a book trailer for Marta Acosta's contest (closes the 15th)

That about covers it for today!

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