Oh, How Thoughtful!

Stephanie, my old pal, at Confessions of a Bookaholic nominated me for the Thoughtful Blogger Award.

This could mean two things: I think before I blog. I think carefully and write with great thought. Or I'm a considerate blogger, taking the feelings of you, the reader, into consideration. Either one of these is a great compliment and I hardly think I deserve it. Thank you, Stephanie for thinking (O thoughtful one) of me!!

Now to pass this on to 5 other thoughtful people:

Andi at Tripping Through Lucidity (I always think of her as Estella though)
John at The Book Mine Set
Athena at aquatique.net
Kristy Just Another Blogger
Kookiejar At a Fraternity of Dreamers

These people all qualify for both the criteria. I hope you all don't mind me sending this along to you. This is a nice one.


  1. Chris, I love reading your blog! I think you totally deserve it!

    You know it's funny, 'cause all 5 of the ones you listed could have been on my list too! It's amazing how many great blogs are out there!

  2. You are very thoughtful. Congrats on the award. :)

  3. Thanks for thinking of me.

  4. Aw shucks! Thanks Chris. You deserve it too. I'll send one of my 5 picks back at you. And you too Stephanie. And I haven't been acquainted with Kailana but I'm sure she's also swell. That leaves me with two...geez, I don't want to exclude anyone. Let me think on it.

  5. Oh, yes, I definitely think you're a thoughtful blogger. Congrats!

  6. You're on top of my list of thoughtful bloggers too. I don't know enough bloggers to nominate many people, but you've been very cool ever since I started my book blogging. Thanks for everything, Chris. :)

  7. Thank you muchly! I haven't gotten around to picking my thoughtful bloggers, but I will!


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