Monday Musings

I found this on booklogged's blog In Season. It's eerily accurate.

What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)

North Central

What people call the "Minnesota accent." Sounds almost Canadian. You may have even been asked if you were from Canada before.

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I took the quiz, not being American, just to see what 'American' accent I had. This was too funny. Of course, I think I don't have an accent, it's everyone else who does.

Speaking of accents... this is a cool site. Go to North America, Canada, Nova Scotia, #4. Closest to my own.

Over the weekend, my baby had a birthday. She turned 5! I can hardly believe it. This cake went over well. There wasn't enough and everyone wanted more. It was easy to make too. I'll be making it again!

Not much in book news. Still reading Mists of Avalon and I'm way behind with Crime & Punishment.


  1. Happy Birthday to Norah!! The cake looked fab! I just got back from vacation yesterday and I'm trying to catch up a bit.

  2. Mmm, that cake looked pretty good. Is there anything better in the whole wide world than cake and ice cream? I didn't think so. :)

  3. I did that accent quiz before,and it is eerie how accurate it is - I got North Central as well. Some of the questions, you're thinking, how else could you say that?
    That cake looks yummy. Kindergarten/primary this year? Are you more nervous than her?
    I am enjoying Jane Eyre but it is a little slow, mostly because I am so tired when I get to bed that I can't read much - for some reason I associate you with this book.

  4. Thanks, Stephanie! Welcome back. I hope your vacation was fun. I want to hear all about it.

    Kookiejar- It was delicious!

    Raidergirl- lol! I was thinking the same thing when I did it.

    She starts primary in Sept. I'm pretty nervous, she's just excited.

    And JE starts out slow but when she Mr R, things get interesting ;)

  5. I tried the test you had posted - best version yet! and I got Canadian. It is its own category now. cool
    I'm stuck on a few books too. I really want to finish one of them, soon.

  6. Hey, Minnesota, Canada, what's the difference? (I say, hailing from MN.)

    That cake looks great. My little one starts kindergarten this September, too.

  7. Hi, Chris. I wonder if you'll see this comment to an old post...

    I've lived in Minnesota since 1990, and native Minnesotans (especially children I've taught as a substitute teacher) are always asking me if I'm Canadian. But my accent is Upstate New York (specifically, the Finger Lakes region around Ithaca).

  8. Rob- No, I saw it ;)

    That's funny. My husband was told he sounded like he was from Boston by people from Massachusetts.


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