The Light in August

This morning, while eating my cereal, I heard a blue jay squawking outside my window. It's a sound that reminds me of autumn for some reason. It came to me that it's August 1st, and only about a month of summer is left. When I was a kid, August was a sad month. Change was a'coming. The light in August is different. It has a golden hue to it and the shadows are longer. The trees look shabbier, since they're now covered in a layer of dust. By the end of the month, the wind will have changed and the nights will be cooler. August meant shopping for school supplies and ads on tv for fall clothes. No more staying up late, no more sleeping in. I still feel a little maudlin about August. This year I'll be shopping for school supplies for someone else for the first time. That's a little sad, but exciting too.

Still, it's only the beginning of August. There's still lots of time for picnics, swimming, bonfires on the beach and melty marshmallows. I look forward to picking blueberries and the start of the harvest: corn, tomatoes, and other good stuff.

Besides a birthday, a wedding and a long weekend to look forward to, I have a lot of things I'd like to accomplish in August:

  • Catch up on my reading, I'm way behind.
  • Catch up with my reading challenges.
  • Do a little writing.
  • Review my First Look pick, Lauchlin of the Bad Heart by D.R. MacDonald. I'm a bit nervous about this because I hated the main character in Cape Breton Road and it ruined the great writing for me. But I'm going to be open minded.
  • Organize my photos for scrapbooking.
  • Finish painting trim and touch up dented paint on walls.

What are your plans for August?


  1. Hi, Chris! I'm glad you enjoyed my "Kumquat" story, and I'm happy to meet another fan of Carol Shields! Your reflections on August are lovely, and I know exactly how you feel. This August (in two weeks) I'll be moving back to Minnesota after a year in England. Back to heat, humidity, drought, and allergies. But I love Minnesota anyway!

  2. August was sad for you? How sad! Since it's my birthday month, and my two best friends growing up are the day before and two days after, August was PARTY month for us. Pool parties, birthday parties, playing on the Delta all day parties, camping, taking the houseboat out, hiking.....August is one of my favorite months.

    If only it wasn't so dang HOT. ;)

  3. My August plans include reading as much as humanly possible and writing as much as humanly possible. School starts back on August 20th, and this will be the first in a number of years that I'm just teaching and not taking classes of my own. That's a GREAT feeling, and I'm really looking forward to the money! LOL

    August never meant too many weather changes in Texas, and it doesn't change much in NC until later on, but I am looking forward to more of a winter than I'm used to in the Lone Star State. I'm a winter person, through and through.

  4. There are only two things to look forward to in August as far as I'm concerned...sending my son back to school, (so I can spend some time on the computer for a change), and getting some excellent gifts for my birthday (I turn 38 on the 20th). Other than that August is the yuckkiest month of the year. Not a fan of summer.

  5. Here in Texas "Summer" last until October!

  6. I've got a birthday in August, I'll be finishing up my fourth book and sending it to my agent, and my family will go on vacation to Montreal and Quebec City. Busy but relaxing.

  7. Happy Birthday to the August babies! My 'baby' has one too.

    Rob- Hear you on all those things! August is the beginning of my allergies too.

    Carrie K- I think it was knowing that school would be starting that got to me.

    Andi- Big Congrats!

    Karen- Congrats! And sounds like fun.

    Myutopia & Kookiejar- You know, once the August hump ends for me, I get excited for fall. I love the leaves changing and Halloween. Pumpkins! I love pumpkins!

  8. I always liked August because buying school supplies and clothes was exciting. Like getting a fresh start. It's usually hotter than h*** here in Texas but it hasn't hit 100 degrees yet, plus it's wet and green. This is the strangest August ever. I'm sure Norah's going to school will be exciting and sad. Enjoy it all.

  9. I think, first and foremost is to start at my new job with great focus and be very determined to do well. :)

    Then I have this Christian Genre Challenge I'm participating in until the end of the year. Along with that, I hope to do other reading too.

    Cheers to a bright August!

  10. August seems to be the month of weddings this year!

    I think I'll be taking a step back from the challenges this month, as I realized I am getting behind on the pregnancy/breastfeeding/parenting books I wanted to read before Nov!


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