Just Plain Lazy

I've got nothing. I haven't got a book to review or anything particularly important to say. A few other people do though:

  • Matt at A Variety of Words wrote a post about why he doesn't read at his local library. It seems to have touched a few nerves.
  • Doppelganger was informed of yet another writer who hates bloggers. This one had to sprend the word that bloggers are evil with a book. I guess an angry letter to the editor just isn't enough these days.
  • Yann Martel is still on a mission to get Stephen Harper to read. This time it's Chronicle of a Death Fortold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I think it's a losing battle. And in lolcat spirit, the I can has cheezburger people found this link. I liked the 'cold dead stare' comment.

Nothing much new in the book department, except that I took a trip to the local used book store on the weekend. I don't think I was in the mood to buy anything. Not much jumped out at me, but I did pick up some books for the kid: 4 Curious George books. One of them was the first written by H.A Rey and I couldn't help thinking as I read it how it wouldn't have been published these days. First, the man with the yellow hat kidnaps George from the jungle, puts him in a bag even. There is a monkey smoking scene. And finally George is happily sent to the zoo. It has PETA written all over it.


  1. Apparently smoking monkeys are not all that uncommon. They are so like us, aren't they?

  2. Just started reading you recently, but as a book-geek (my own version of the worm!) and a photographer - I just wanted to show you some love. I especially love the little girl at the beach - your daughter?

  3. We had a lengthy discussion of Curious George, and a number of other beloved classics, when I took a course devoted solely to analysis of the picture book. We had a great time with the whole colonization aspect of the book (that darn yellow hatted man) and the smoking, etc. Good times were had by all, I assure you!

  4. Kookiejar- That is just weird and a bit sad.

    Jeanne- Thanks for dropping by! And yes, that's my girl.

    Andi- Sounds like an interesting class. More interesting than calculus, I bet.

  5. The Yann Martel thing is pretty funny. Still, I wish he'd just send me some dang books. Harper can afford his own. And at least I'll read them.

    A lot of old kid's books have stuff that'd never see the light of day today. Remember the controversy over the picture of Clement Hurd smoking on the back of Goodnight Moon? Some of Dr. Seuss's books have some pretty racist illustrations of Asians. I'm sure there are plenty of others as well. I wonder what we're producing today that people will frown upon in years to come?

  6. I don't remember that pic, but my kid has the board book version. No smokers in that one. I don't know what people in the future will think. Maybe animals in pjs will be a big no-no! Sandra Boynton will be so out...

  7. I reread Pippi Longstocking recently, and even that had some things that you'd never see in books today. Mostly just unsupervised children doing things that would be considered dangerous, like climbing around on roofs.

  8. Ack! Curious George and colonization? I'm going to close my eyes, plug my ears, and reminisce about those lovely cartoon shorts I used to watch as a child.

  9. Alas, the poor Man in the Yellow Hat would be carted off to federal prison to be some man named Bubba's dearly beloved. I take my daughter to story hour, and they've changed all of the old nursery rhymes. Old Mother Hubbard no longer whips her kids all soundly . . she kisses them all sweetly. What's become of the world? :)


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