Booking Through Thursday: Stats

There was a widely bruited-about statistic reported last week, stating that 1 in 4 Americans did not read a single book last year. Clearly, we don’t fall into that category, but . . . how many of our friends do? Do you have friends/family who read as much as you do? Or are you the only person you know who has a serious reading habit?

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I know lots of people who fall into that category! I'm sure some of my friends and family haven't picked up a book in years. My own husband never reads a book, no matter what I try. The last time, he read the first 20 pgs of Master and Commander, that was about a year ago. He enjoyed it, but he has difficulties reading even though he's a university educated professional. He also says he's too busy, which is what I hear from other non-readers.
And if I'm really honest, I went through a dry period where I didn't read at all in my 20's. I was one of the 'too busy' crowd. I'm making up for it now.
My mom and a few of my in-laws are big readers, but I don't think they are quite as insane about it as I am. Still, I think that the amount that my family and I read makes up for that 25% who don't.

I'd love to have more readers around me, but I'm not a person who forces her beliefs on others. So I don't try to make my non-reading friends read but my books are always there for anyone considering converting.


  1. Family doesn't read as much as I do. My parents didn't really like it much. My brother reads more now for enjoyment as an adult. The only person I know in "real life" that probably reads more than I do is my friend and former coworker, Pablo.

  2. My husband isn't a reader, either--he averages about 2 books/year for pleasure. But he does read just about everything in the New York Times on a daily basis, so he knows a lot more about the world than I do :)

  3. My husband is the same way. He's been reading the same Robert Ludlum book for a few years now. :) My younger sister is just now coming around to reading, so we have a lot of fun discussing, but most of my friends do not read either (I fall into that "busy" 20s age group).

    What can you do?

  4. I used to evangelize for reading, but now I realize that people either ARE or AREN'T readers. Isn't it wonderful that the Internet brings readers together?

  5. It great that some of your family do read. And even though they don't read as much, I think at lease they try :)

    Does your husband like humors in his reading? Maybe Janet Evanovich's Stephanies Plum series might get him to read more :) I know you said you don't force non readers to read, but the feeling is great when you do get someone hooked *grin*

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good Happy Booking Through Thursday!

  6. People make time for what's important -- I "have time" to read because I make time. Other folks "have time" for what pleases them...Truthfully, though, I don't understand non-readers. LOL.

  7. I could have written this reply to this week's question...(yours is worded much better than mine, btw!) There are a few readers in my circle of family/friends, but none nearly as voracious a reader as I am. Most would fall into this non-reader category. And, like you, I went through a long stretch where I rarely read a book, if any, during a calendar year. Like you, during my "busy" years, which I am now trying to "make up" for :)

    Great answer!

  8. I'm with Marianne. People make their own priorities. It's like my mother not understanding my spending money to talk to overseas family, when she spends far more on cigarettes, which I can't even begin to understand prioritizing over human relationships.

    Anyway, yeah, people who have no time to read always seem to have time for TV and movies, because people love stories, and that's their preferred way to enjoy them. I mean, can you think of anyone who doesn't like stories in ANY form? Who doesn't like movies or TV or books or comics or anything? I don't think it's very often a real issue of no time. I think it's far more likely that unsuspected learning disabilities make it difficult for some people to read, so they don't enjoy what is a struggle. When time really is an issue, like you in your 20s, people who like to read come back to it when time is less an issue.

  9. My husband reads mostly non-fiction, very dense books that make my head spin. My daughter is 10 and an avid reader, although she tends to read books over and over and over again until I'm tempted to go in her room, remove all the books she's already read and leave the ones she hasn't!

  10. My dh did read Tom Clancy ages ago. They're very technical books, I think, which is what appeals to him. No flowery language is the key to snagging him.

  11. I so agree with your last paragraph, Chris!

    And this is one reason why I love book blogs so much, hehe.

    Happy reading!

  12. I wonder if there is an age where people tend to read more or less? I guess we are the passionate ones if we write about it.

  13. I heard from a lot of people that they're too busy to read. Hey, then again, people are always busy doing things, aren't they? Having said that, I respect their choice, it's entirely up to them to do what they like. Like you, I don't impose my likes/dislikes on others. I don't like to be judgemental too.

    Happy BTT, Chris!

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  15. I am surrounded by readers of varying kinds. None are quite as crazed as I am, but I do know some people (like my dad and mother-in-law) who read more than I do.

    I am more open about my reading habits than I used to be, although I'm careful still who I admit my fanaticism to. I wouldn't ever try to force a book on someone who doesn't like to read, but if the person wants a recommendation, I've always got one handy!


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