Book Trailer Contest

Author Marta Acosta is hosting a contest on her blog. Create a worst/best book trailer for a classic book then upload it to Youtube. Send the link to Marta and good luck! Contest ends Sept 15.

Here's my contribution:

Jane Eyre


  1. Thanks for mentioning my contest, Chris.

    I think your Jane Eyre trailer is wonderful, especially the inspired use of "The Scream."

  2. Oh, I love this. What a great job you did. I'm really tempted to try one, but I should be doing many, many other things.

  3. Charity- I know, I spent the better part of the day doing it but the first prize is awesome.

  4. That was awesome! I'm very impressed, and just having read Jane Eyre, you captured it beautifully. just wow.

  5. Oh, I loved it! I too am very tempted! I love making movie things. Hmmm... maybe I'll figure this one out.

    Great job.


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