The Secret Life of Lobsters

The Secret Life Lobsters
Trevor Corson
Harper Collins,2004
Hardcover, 282 pgs

This took me ages to read, mostly because I was moving. It's hard to concentrate on life under the waves, when you're up to your knees in crumpled newspaper and empty boxes. I stuck with it though and here's my review.

The Secret Life of Lobsters is a non-fiction book about the Little Cranberry Island lobster fishers and scientists from around the world trying to predict the ups and downs of the lobster fishery in Maine. The lobster fishery is a lucrative business but requires careful management. Scientists felt the best way to do this was to learn as much about the life of lobsters as possible. This is a difficult task as it all happens on the bottom of the ocean.

The Secret Life of Lobsters could have been a dry read, there is a lot of science, but the lives of the scientists and fishermen are told as well. This helped keep me turning pages. I did learn a lot of interesting facts about lobsters: the molting is both fascinating and disturbing! I also couldn't help thinking, "Mmmmm....lobster" constantly.
I knew a few things about lobster and the fishery, but I know so much more now. It's not a bad read if you're interested in biology, lobsters or fishermen.

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