Happy Canada Day!!! Werewolves vs Robots

In honour of Canada Day, I'm posting a piece of my favorite Canadian TV show, Corner Gas. I couldn't find the Book Club episode so I'm posting a piece of "Blog River." Hank's friends encourage him to start a blog.

Hanks does have a blog here. Corner Gas is coming to the US on the Superstation WGN channel sometime this year. And has licenses for Australia, Finland and Iraq (?!).

Happy 140th Birthday Canada!


  1. Happy Canada Day to you too!

  2. Great show. That and The Office are about the only good sitcoms left.

  3. What a cute show! I'm sorry I'm late for Canada Day. Hope it was happy, eh?

  4. Well hope you're having a great weekend/week.

  5. Thanks for that, me and my husband loved it! He is like Hank and I am like the woman. I just know we are going to be arguing about robots and werewolves all night now...


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