All that book news

I've been so busy with the house that I hardly have any book news.
I'm still getting the mail at my mil's house and I'm waiting for a few things. I was picked for the first time for Harper Collins's First Look. I'm getting Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot. I'm pretty excited about that.

Kimbooktu wants pictures of your home library. Check that out here. I managed to put some of my books away. I have a wardrobe I'm using for that purpose. It's only particle board and at one point my husband walked by as I was piling them in.
Him:"Err, I wouldn't put anymore books on the shelf."
Me: "Why?"
Him: "Look how it's sagging. It's going to snap."
Personally, I think he was exaggerating (He's jealous) but I took some out anyway. Someday I'm going to get a really nice bookcase ...or turn my walk-in closet into a library. That would go over well.
The Bookworm Carnival's deadline is this week. Get those entries together now.
That's about it for now.


  1. He's jealous.

    Oh yes, turn your walk in closet into a library!

  2. Thanks for promoting the carnival. :) I wonder if you could build shelves behind the clothes in the walk-in closet? It might make finding a book difficult, but then it'd have two functions in one!


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