Finally... I'm a Bad-Ass!

After years of carrying the title of Goody-Two-Shoes, I'm now officially a bad-ass! Wahoo! Take that 8th Grade Homeroom!

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

Thanks to Kristy, Stephanie and Kailana for the link.


  1. LOL! I made NC17. I'm tempted to do that quiz after every post just to see if I get worse. What words did you get?

  2. Ha ha, mine was rated R, too! I don't think it would have been if it weren't for that one poem with all the f-bombs in it, but I can pretend to be a badass with you!

    Thanks for posting the carnival button, too. :)

  3. Ha! Thanks for the laugh! I love it. :) I'm just PG-13.

  4. At last! I only made PG-13 which is good, because my niece, who reads my blog, is 13.

  5. You go girl!! Just step it up a bit and you can be like me...NC-17!


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