It's What's Inside that Counts...

Ever get turned off by a book cover? Do you wonder what the marketing people were thinking? The first thing a reader sees is the cover and sometimes we just can't help it, we make a snap judgement about the book, the author, the genre, etc.

Well, the author of the blog Judge a Book By It's Cover created a place to vent about those terrible covers that make us cringe. While working as a librarian, this blogger has seen it all, bad YA covers and, the most snarkable of all, romance.

If you're not allergic to sarcasm (there's loooooaaaads of it), then go take a peek.


  1. Yes indeed, we librarians see many truly bad covers. The worst I've seen aside from the romances and such, are westerns. They can be *beyond* politically incorrect. They can be - utterly hideous.

  2. Sounds excellent! Must check it out. I love me some snark.

  3. I agree with teabird, the worst are the romances. They're something aren't they?

  4. There are certain covers that I find very unattractive, but then someone will say they love covers that look like those I hate. It's funny how different our tastes can be. I think that most of us would probably agree on the romance and western covers though. LOL


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