Faking It: Review

Faking It
Jennifer Crusie
Paperback, 412pgs
St Martin's Paperbacks

This isn't my usual read, but after hearing so much about Jennifer Crusie when I saw this at the thrift store, I had to get it. And hey, at $2 how could I go wrong?
I won't confuse you with all the characters in my synopsis, because you will be confused, all you need to know right now is: Tilda Goodnight is an artist and Davy Dempsey is a con man. They run into each other, literally, in a closet of a gold digger and sparks fly. She's there to steal back some faked paintings and he's there to steal back his money.
It took me some time to figure out who everyone is. Not only are there a lot of characters, most of them have more than one name. The Eve/Louise, Tilda/Vilma/Betty thing drove me nuts. Not to mention the Goodnights have some peculiar quirks and inside jokes that had me lost. I realize that writers live in fear of the dreaded info-dump and back story overload, but please let us in on some things!
A quarter way through though I caught on and, like Tilda, once I relaxed I had a really good time. Davy and Tilda are a lot of fun. I also enjoyed that Tilda was a 34 year old, non-supermodel type. She was a real woman. All was good, until the ending which still has me saying, "Huh?"
Still, I don't regret reading this and if you like contemporary romance with a couple of graphic love scenes (*blush*), you'll like it too.


  1. I generally don't consider myself much of a romance reader, but I LOVE Jennifer Crusie. While I haven't read Faking It (started it and ditched it for some of the reasons you mentioned here), I adored Bet Me, Crazy for You, Charlie All Night, and several others. I keep a Crusie stash on hand for when I need a brain break and a really quick, fun read.

  2. I'm a Jennifer Crusie fan too -- I've read most of her books I think. She's so funny, witty and her romance heroines and heroes often buck the tired genre stereotypes. Glad you liked it!

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