Eight Things About Me

Teabird (Melanie) tagged me for the "8 Random Things About Me" Meme. This one's a toughy- I'm really not that interesting.

So here are the rules:

1: Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2: People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3: At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names.
4: Don't forget to leave them a comment and tell them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

Here are mine:

  1. I didn't start drinking coffee, couldn't stand it, until after my daughter (4 yrs) was born. Now I'm addicted.
  2. I've never been out of my country (Canada). Never, ever. I'd love to travel but thinking about it makes me slightly agoraphobic.
  3. Speaking of phobias: I get claustrophobic at the mall (go figure).
  4. I straighten my naturally curly hair.
  5. I hate those word verification thingies on blogs, and everybody has them.
  6. I collect sea glass (broken glass polished smooth by the ocean).

  7. I failed my driver's test the first time because I drove too slow. I passed the next time.
  8. I've never had sushi but would like to try it.

So there it is and now I have to torture, I mean, send this out to 8 other people. Hmmm...

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Raidergirl at Adventures in Reading
Michelle at Scribbit
Kailana at The Written World
Katrina at Callapider Days
Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty
Athena at aquatique.net

Ok, so there they are my victims, um, bloggers. Good Luck!


  1. I haven't done the last two that you & Steph tagged me for. LOL. I will though. I should have more time in a week or two. I like this one.

  2. Love the sea glass!

    Thanks for the tag -- I'm behind on fulfilling memes I've been tagged for, but I'll try to get to this one this week!

  3. Very cool - I love sea glass, I failed my first driver's test, and I'm also claustrophobic in malls. I think it's the lack of obvious exits and the hoardes of people blocking those exits!

    (I've been meaning to collect those word verifications and turn them into a new language.)

  4. Hey, that's when I started drinking coffee all the time - 4 years ago when my daughter was born.
    I failed my first driving test, when the instructor yelled as I backed up - look out!
    I'll think about some random things - I hate those verification letters too, and neither of us have them on our blog.

  5. I did this one already... do I have to do it again? If you want me to, I will :)

  6. Kailana- Sorry, I either missed it or forgot. You don't have to do it again unless you really want to.

    Kristy & Katrina- Looking forward to it.

    Teabird- I feel like I can't breathe when I'm around too many people. I once had a panic attack in church during Easter. Luckily, only my husband saw that I was freaking out!

    Raidergirl- If they were just words, I'd be fine but when there's 2 n and an m or something like that, I always get them wrong.

  7. Oh how funny!

    Thanks for the tag.

    Hope you had a nice Mother's Day.

  8. Thanks for the tag, I hate to mention this but I actually did this one two days ago. Being fresh out of random things it may be a while before I can come up with more but I'll have to see :)

  9. Aww, thanks for the tag. I also don't like those word verification things on blogger. I also failed my first driving test (but I still have one more to go for a complete one here). I just finished the meme, and it was difficult to think of things because I'm not very interesting. I don't drink coffee, maybe one day. Heh. Have a good week.

  10. Athena- Looking forward to reading yours.

    Scribbit- Man, I'm bad at choosing people! lol. I guess this meme has gotten to almost everyone by now. You don't have to do it again.

  11. The sea glass is so pretty! My son is a new driver (with his permit) and yesterday was the first time I've let him drive me. It was terrifying because he drove too slow and hugged the right side of the road - which often sort of plummets, here, into 100 foot gullies. Eeeks.

    Sorry about the word verification. When I first started blogging, people occasionally dropped by to advertise something or other - one trained sled dogs, for crying out loud - and I got tired of having to remove stupid posts, so I modify and do word verification to prevent that problem. I kind of hate it, too - too time-consuming.

  12. Bookfool- It's too bad that word verification is needed. I hate spam. I just wish blogger used real words!

    Good luck driving with your son. I'm not looking forward to those days.

  13. Great List, by the way! I didn't pass my driver's test either the first time. I did everything perfect, and then I backed around the corner wrong! Who backs around corners anyway?? Oh well...I just listed mine!

  14. Thanks for the tag, Chris! I plan to get to this meme very soon. :-) I'm not a big fan of those verification things either, although I do use it for my blog. My husband said it was a good idea to keep out spam. I just took his word for it. :-)


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