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Week of April 15: 3 Wishes

If you had 3 wishes granted what would you wish for?
till next time...

That's a tough one. I won't say "to have endless wishes," that's not fair. And I'm going to assume that world peace, hunger, global warming, etc have been taken care of (Hey, it's a world where I get 3 wishes, so anything is possible!)

#1. To be healthy, wealthy and wise. It counts as one because of the old proverb, you see ;)
#2. Since I'm wise now, I'd like to have as much time as I want to pursue a dream as a writer. Being wise, I already have the talent. As well, as time for family, hobbies, etc, etc.
#3. Hmmm... The power to travel anywhere in the world by just snapping my fingers.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go looking for a magic lamp...


  1. In writing my silly posts, I realize just how difficult it is to be a writer. But, I think it's something we all may aspire to deep down or else we wouldn't want to share our thoughts with one another so much. I'm with you on the clicking fingers, too. Take me to Europe any day.

  2. Hey, that site is cool. Thanks. Oh yeah, traveling anywhere at the snap of a finger would be great. I could have a mini-vacation while the kids were in school...

    Lunch on the Champs-Elysses(sp?) anyone?

  3. I noticed you're reading "Adam Bede"...let me know what you think of it. Since I liked Middlemarch and Silas Marner so much, I'm thinking of reading more Eliot.

    3 wishes...hmmm....


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