I've been Tagged!

Oh boy! Bookfool tagged me for a Writing Meme. So simple and yet so complicated. Here it is:

"What's Your Favorite Type of Writing?" And I should mention, your favorite type of writing to do as opposed to your favorite type of writing to read.

I like to write, maybe just to hear myself talk. lol! I know I'm not so good with poetry, so scratch that. I've tried to write articles but I really struggle with them and usually give up.

I enjoy the freedom of creative writing. You can just make stuff up. It's great! Go wherever your mind travels. Within the creative writing sphere, descriptive writing, the way something looks, smells, sounds, and tastes, is something I like doing. Dialogue is fun too.

I must enjoy blogging as well since I spend way too much time doing it! Memes are fun but book reviews are my favorite to write. It's great to have a forum to post my opinions on what I read.

Well, there it is. Pretty short, huh? So who's next? hahaha (evil laugh). I think I'll tag Charity at Writing Wrongs. Are you up for it?


  1. Short is good. I wish I'd kept mine short. Thanks for playing!!! And, oh my gosh, how funny that you tagged Charity! I know Charity from Writer's Village University, although I don't think we've really chatted in years. :)

  2. Yikes! I'll have to blog on this sometime during the weekend.

    I feel the same way about article writing. It's never done much for me. Maybe it feels too much like school work.

    Thanks for the tag!


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