Easter Goodies

The Easter Bunny just keeps on giving! Stephanie nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award. Then Framed and Booked set me a message letting me know that I won her BAFAB giveaway. Alright! I never win contests, but somehow I won this one. So I picked Mr Darcy's Diary as my gift. Kailana at The Written World gave it a good review and I just can't resist a Jane Austen related item.

I also finish Lolita this weekend. I'll give it a review soon.

Happy Easter!!


  1. Congratulations on the gift - I read Lolita last year and I was quite blown away by it. Humbert is so clever, so flippant, and so degraded. Some people have a lot of trouble separating his actions from the writing, or thinking that Nabokov approves of his actions because of the writing - I think HH knows exactly what he is, and that Nabokov challenges the reader into seeing the human being behind even the most degraded monster.

    Amy Tan says she reads the annotated edition every year because she takes such delight (and inspiration) from the language and playfulness.

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts!

  2. It was a very interesting read, I hope you enjoy it. If you told me you were going to buy it, I would have sent you mine. Since you leave on the same end of the country as me, it likely would not have been that expensive!

    I really must reread Lolita. I read it in grade 11 and it disturbed me. I always meant to read it again, but I haven't. It's one of those books that you can say is great, but at the same time you feel wrong saying it is great because of the subject matter.

    Congrats on the Thinking Blogger.

  3. Kailana- I got Lolita from the library so it didn't cost me anything. :)

  4. Cool! It's always nice to win something!! You totally deserved the Thinking Blogger Award too.

    Yeah....Lolita. I just couldn't do it. 10 years ago maybe. But with 2 girls of my own, I really didn't want to!! I'm glad you enjoyed the writing though.


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