A Cornucopia of Bookishness

Here's some bookish stuff for Monday:

  • BBC Drama series website: Jane Eyre series extras like wallpaper and photo gallery.

  • Backstory: Authors tell the backstories of their novels.

  • Saw Charlotte's Web over the weekend. I remember reading it as a kid. What a sweet movie! Dakota Fanning is so precious.

  • Also saw Stranger Than Fiction. Harold Crick is a 'taxman' who suddenly hears a woman narrating his life. Knowing he isn't crazy, he tries to track down the author of his life story before she kills him off. Will Ferrell was excellent as a sweet, shy man obsessed with numbers. Not his usual movie. I really enjoyed it.

Following that last item, here's a question. A lot of great works of fiction end with the hero/heroine dying. Did you think it was neccessary in every case? Is it overused? Did you ever feel tricked or cheated by the writer?


  1. I too really enjoyed Stranger Than Fiction. I just finished up a little writing class and found it interesting that so many of the things we've been learning were brought out in this fun movie.

  2. I usually get the sensation most when the ending ends up being that the person dreamed everything. I hate that.

    As for death... well not off the top of my head. Death of a relationship - the permanent kind - I DETEST THAT. I just read the milestone and at the end she cant confront him with the truth so kills everything and it just ends. I was definitely cheated.

  3. I saw Stranger Than Fiction and it was very cute. I love Emma Thompson and my sister has a thing for Will Ferrell.
    I dont' usually like the tragic love story, where somebody dies. I like my couples happily ever after (Anne and Gilbert), but, in the movie The English Patient, I 'got' the story and thought their tragic love was beautiful and heartbreaking.

  4. Recently, I read a very long story and the girl dies suddenly at the end. I was peeved about it but knew the story was supposed to be a tradegy. I might have been mad if I didn't know that.

    Suey- I loved those writing references, especially "little did he know."


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