Booking Through Thursday: A Wrinkle in Time

Where Does the Time Go?
Booking Through Thursday

Have you ever missed an important appointment because you have become so engrossed in a book you forgot the time or were up so late reading that you didn't wake up in time? Been late to work because you couldn't resist the temptation and left the house too late? Suggested by Jacquie.

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I don't think I've missed an appointment but I've come pretty darn close to being late a few times because of a good book. I think that's a sign of a really good read, you just can't put it down and nothing else seems as important as 'just finishing this chapter.' I've stayed up way too late more than once trying to finish a book because I wanted to see how it ends though.


  1. I see were aren't so different on this topic. LOL Yes, I totally agree. I think it does say a lot about the book that can keep us up late or make us almost late.

  2. I don't miss appointments either, but I do lose a log of sleep!

  3. I love and adore books and reading, but I don't think I've ever gotten so engrossed that I lost track of time. I guess it's just the way I'm wired. In a way, I really wish I could get lost in the book like that, and lose all track of time. I'm a bit jealous that you can :)

    Happy Reading!


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