Booking Through Thursday: Let's Get Biblical!

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Just out of curiosity, as we enter into Passover and Easter season... have you ever read the Bible? Just the odd chapter or Psalm? The whole thing? (Or, almost the whole thing? It's some heavy reading, of course, and those "begats" get kind of tedious.) Not really. I've read bits and pieces about a million years ago.
  2. If so, was it from religious motivation or from a literary perspective? Stuck with nothing else to read in a hotel room the Gideon's have visited? Any combination? Well, I think it was curiosity more than any other reason. The poetry is quite beautiful.

  3. If not, why not? Against your religious principles? Too boring? Just not interested? Something you're planning on taking care of when you get marooned on a desert island? Why haven't I read the whole thing? I'm not all that interested at the moment. Not to mention that it is heavy reading, maybe a modern version and not the King James would be easier.

  4. And while we're on the subject... what about the other great religious works out there? Are they more to your liking? No, unless you count Paradise Lost.


  1. I'd recommend the New American Standard or the New King James versions -- they are both updated in language without straying from the original meanings.

    This was an interesting topic today!

  2. I tried a couple of times to read the Bible. I struggled with it though. I did get a couple of study guides when I read the Gospels and that seemed to help!

    By the my site, I nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award. Now it's your turn!

  3. I have read through the Bible several times. At first, it was when we were in France for the summer (at age 13) and I ran out of things to read. So, I picked up the Children's Translation of the Living Bible from Tyndale and read most of it. Then, a few years ago I became frustrated with reading just bits and pieces here and there every day, and I determined to read it all the way through. I don't ever want to be prideful, but I am happy that I've read it through every year for about five years. When I skip a day, I just don't have the peace in my heart that I get from the daily reading. One good way for someone who'd like to read through it is to get the One Year Bible, in which the readings are arranged in order by month and day. I really liked reading this post of yours.


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