I found this blog through Writing Wrongs. My answers are in red.

randomness...feed your mind and your blog
week of March4: random words
I say, you think:
1. bug: bed
2. red: green (that's weird)
3. traffic: jam
4. apple: blossom
5. sexy: back (Darn you Justin Timberlake!)
6. book: case (need one)
7. roller coaster: scream
8. hippie: daisy
9. weekend: getaway
10. chocolate: yum!!

till next time...


  1. Why is associating "red" with "green" so wierd? I mean, after all, what self-respecting Canadian wouldn't think "Red Green"? LOL.

    Paul Weiss

    P.S. Nice Blog by the way ... your photographs are great. I'll be adding a link to your blog to my own page.

  2. OH Red Green! He must have been stuck in my subconscious, along with many uses for duct tape.


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