Poor Plain Jane?

Poor Jane. The girl can't get a break. She's sold millions of novels but is considered too ugly to be on the cover of her own biography without a makeover a la Vogue. According to this BBC News story, the publishers of a new edition of the memoir by her nephew, just couldn't swallow putting the only authenticated portrait of her on the cover.

The portrait had been painted by her sister Cassandra. The two sisters were quite close. They exchanged letters throughout their lives. I'm guessing at some point, Cassandra had the wonderful idea of having Jane pose for her portrait. From the look of it, Cassandra was no Rembrandt. Or Jane was no Angelina Jolie. However, this was all the publisher had to work with and decided to add make-up and hair extensions. It reminds me a bit of that Dove Evolution ad. Let's take a plain girl and make her into a supermodel.

So, even a woman born more than 200 years ago can't escape today's 'sex sells' marketing campaigns.

Wonder what Jane would think? Hopefully, she'd have a good chuckle, then write a snarky novel about it.


  1. Hmm, that Dove gal was really beautiful, anyway. I've never seen the add and found it surprising that anyone would think her face needed any change at all.

    Poor Jane. I'm guessing she suffered at least partially from a sister who tried but wasn't all that good at rendering a likeness!

  2. It's terrible, there was nothing wrong with the girl. But good just isn't good enough. You just can't believe what you see on TV and magazines. No wonder girls are so confused! And then they mess with Jane...

  3. I think Jane is cute as can be in that sketch by her sister. And while I don't consider that Dove woman beautiful either before or after her "makeover" I did think she was more attractive before. But I can't stand the gloppy look of so much makeup.


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