March 8: Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Do you lend your books to other people? If so, any restrictions? I lend my books mostly to my Mom. Sometimes I lend them to other family members but I know it will be awhile before I see them again. I've given up on lending to my mil. They disapppear. I write my name in pencil on the first page, so most (!) people know to whom they have to return. I try to only lend books that I don't mind losing.
  2. Do you borrow books from other people? (Friends or family—I'm not talking about the public library) I do borrow from family members. Sometimes they'll say, "You have to read this." I can't be rude!

  3. And, most importantly—do the books you lend/borrow get returned to their rightful owners?? Yes, although it might take me awhile. In #2 I said I might be given a book by someone who really wants me to read it. If I try and it's not my thing, I feel BAD. So, I'll keep it awhile and then sneak it back to them. I hate to lie about reading so I can't say,"Sure I read it and loved it!" Can't do it. But they always get back to the right person.


  1. Great answers! I had to laugh about the last one - you're so right! I hate to borrow books and then not like them, and then have to figure out what to say when I return them. I have been working on that, and the last time someone offered me a book that I didn't think I'd read, I had to try to politely say, I am not sure that is my kind of book, but thank you anyway. It was really hard! :)

    Happy Thursday and Happy Reading!

  2. I know just what you mean! People lend you a book and you feel like you HAVE to read it (whether you want to or not). Sometimes, I feel like I never get to read a book of my own choosing!

  3. I tend to atleast try to read the books that people tell me that I must read. And if I don't like it, I just don't finish it and return it back to them and explain why. But often time, the books do turn out to be good recommendation and become among my favorite.

    Great answers! Happy BTT and I hope you have a wonderful day! Here is Mine!

  4. I know what you mean! LOL. It's hard to tell a person no when he/she wants you to read a particular book badly, and to me it can be bad when it ended up I don't get to enjoy it as much as he/she do.

    Happy reading.

  5. We do have a lot in common with this one, Chris! Haha

    I laughed when I read your response to the third question, in particular the part about sneaking the book back to the owner. I do that too! My mom is frequently loaning me books I am not interested in reading and I'll hold onto them and stick them in a bag of books I'm sending to her. Sometimes she forgets she is the original lender and will send them back again! That's a entirely different story though.

  6. Hi Maritimes! Maybe you have my book? Ha
    Thanks for stopping by. I like lending books, and I really don't mind losing books. Books are for reading!
    NS or NB?

  7. Hi raidergirl

    Sorry it's not me! ;)
    I'm a bit of a book hoarder so I guess that's my problem.

    Btw, NS.


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