It's a Popularity Contest

Bookseller Chick posted a link to Mother Reader on how to be a B-list blogger. Following her links to Kineda, I found out that I'm a C-list blogger. This puts me on par with such big names as Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) and Lucy Lawless (Xena), according to the world wide web. (I have been called Xena by toddlers who can't pronounce my name). This allows me to yell, "Do you know who I am?" at hapless store clerks. At least the swarming paparazzi keep their distance.

Bloglebrity status aside, Mother Reader has some good advice. I do most of what she advises, like memes and commenting on other blogs. Apparently, blogs of all book reviews don't turn people on. I like them myself. I like reading what other think about what they read. But I'm a bookworm anyway, which is why my links and blogrolls and rings are book related. I wouldn't be much use on a Paris Hilton blogroll (Heaven help us if there is one!)

For me though, it's ok if I'm a C-lister. A blog has to be fun, not feel like work.


  1. I realized that book blogs don't attract many visitors too. But, it's okay now because my blogs are gaining steady traffic.

    I guess people are more into stuff that they think are more interesting than books.

    Oh please, I don't like Paris Hilton!

  2. I like reading about books, too! It's one of my favorite types of blogs. Thanks for visiting me. I enjoyed visiting you, and I'll be back.

  3. I just had to try this, and found that I'm another happy C-lister! I'll be content with that; hitting the A-list sounds too much like hard work.

  4. You've beaten me. I'm a D-List blogger. I still think Book blogs are the best :)


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