Book (Odds and) Ends

First, the big news: Oprah's new book. She decided to go way out there this time. (Is it me or is she getting experimental?) She's chosen The Road by Cormac McCarthy. This is a recent novel set in a post-apocalyptic world. A father and son start a journey to the sea through a burnt out and devastated world. Sounds adorable. If you are interested, have a look here. She's to have the first TV interview with McCarthy. I hope it works out better than The Corrections dude. I'm not sure if I'll read it or not. I have a post-apocalyptic novel on my reading list already: Oryx and Crake, although quite different.

I took a boo at Harper Collins website to see what was new in the publishing world. I couldn't get on the site last week. They have a few new book trailers (have I told you of my love of book trailers?). One scared and intrigued me, so I read the book info. It sounds interesting although it will keep me up at night. The book is Pig Island by Mo Hayder. It's about an investigator of supernatural hoaxes who visits an island off of Scotland known for Satanism. One for the wish list.

While I was there, I had a light-bulb (or more correctly a D'oh) moment. I signed up for First Look months ago, a book preview and review program, and have been waiting patiently ever since for a "you have been chosen" e-mail. Turns out, I have to pick a book and let them know I want to read it. Duh. I was expecting an 'engraved invitation', as my Mom would say. So, I picked a couple and am eagerly awaiting if I'll get a chance to preview at least one. Fingers crossed.

In other news, I picked up The Seven Daughters of Eve from the library yesterday and just can't stop reading it. I'll write a review as soon as I finish, which should be soon.


  1. I love Harper Collins! It took a few months of me signing up to get a review, but I've been getting them pretty steadily ever since. Normally, I sign up for 4 or 5 hoping to at least get one. This month I got 3!! Way too many if I want to read Challenge and book club books too!

    Good luck!

  2. Frankly? The Road is far better than Oryx and Crake. If you're only going to read one post-apocalyptic novel, read The Road. And I'm a big Atwood fan, so it takes a lot for me to say that.

  3. I didn't know that Oryx and Crake was a post-apocalyptic novel. Maybe I will combine that with The Road when I finally get around to reading it . . .

    The First Look Program is a good one, but sometimes it's easy to lose patience when the books aren't forthcoming. For about a year there, I was receiving one or two books every month. I'm going through a dry spell now. I actually don't mind though because I found a more steady gig elsewhere. And with all the challenges I keep signing up for . . . Oi!

    Thank you for the link to the trailer for Pig Island. I really liked The Devil of Nanking and would like to read more by Mo Hayder.

  4. I watched the trailer for the Devil of Nanking too. It was really heartbreaking. I might look into reading it now.

  5. I got quite a few books from First Look, for a while, but then I got a little tired of feeling obligated to read books for the sake of reviewing and quit signing up (although, actually, I had a long dry spell before giving up, like Literary Feline). It's a great program, though. I used to sign up for everything, even those that didn't interest me, and I found some very good books that I ordinarily wouldn't have thought to touch.


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