At the Book Store

I went off to spend my birthday money. Here's how you know you have a problem. I bought myself a shirt with some of my money but I made sure it wasn't too expensive so I could buy a book!

I toddled off to the book store and spent a ridiculous amount of time browsing. What to buy! What to buy! I settled on Ami Mckay's Birth House. While I was looking though I saw Vicki Pettersson's Scent of Shadows on the shelf. Susan at Writer's Tale has a contest for this book. Vicki's one of her writing pals. Didn't have a camera though. Oh well. If you so desire, go check out your book store too.

Then I went crazy and went to the coffee shop for a Chai Latte. $4 is crazy but it was soooo good!

Now dd just came in from outside, covered in mud, and asking for ice cream.'s cold outside. She says she's sweating. It's not too bad a day, but we're getting a snow storm tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be the last and melt really quick.

And big news we're going to start building a house within the next two weeks! Hurray!

Edit: Btw, thanks for the blogging comment link help yesterday!


  1. Congrats on the house!!! That is so cool!! Just'll be out of the inlaws Soon!!

    Hope the Birthday was great.

  2. Two new titles for my ever expanding TBR list!

    Hope you enjoy your birthday books!


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