Anyone Work in a Bookstore?

I can imagine myself working in a bookstore at some point in my life, but I hope to never have a costumer like this!

This skit is called The Bookstore by Last Minute Productions. It's based on a Monty Python skit. The acting isn't spectacular but it's pretty cute.

I bet Bookseller Chick can relate to the guy at the desk!


  1. Cool video. I have always wanted to work in a bookstore.

  2. Yes, I've worked in a bookstore and I could tell you a few doozies! Really, the most common thing I encountered was customers who came searching for something but they only had a vague idea what they were looking for, e.g., "Do you have that author, um, starts with a 'K', I think . . . she writes a series with an Italian investigator and I'm pretty sure the new one has an orange cover, or maybe it's pink. I just love mysteries, you know."

    Fortunately, I read a lot and even if I didn't know precisely who my customers were referring to (we had only remaindered books, no new titles - actually, I often could figure out what they wanted, based on those crazy descriptions), I could often steer them in the direction of an author they'd like. My boss adored me for that. LOL It was loads of fun and I was despondent, utterly despondent when the store closed.

  3. "Starts with a K..." LOL! Good thing you know books. I think you MUST love reading to work in a bookstore.

  4. Yeah, it's not a job you'll get rich doing!!!


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