Another Round of Booking Through Thursday

A couple weeks ago, we asked about how you take care of your books, with one of the questions asking whether you write in your books. Well, what about books that are meant to be written in? Like, say, a journal or diary? Do you keep one? Obviously, if you're answering this, you have a blog--do you just let your blog be your journal? Or do you also keep one for private stuff also?

Don't forget to leave a link to your actual response in the comments--or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

I'm a notorious list maker. That's not exactly journal writing, more like short-hand journal writing. Little notes to myself, ideas, things I want to remember, that kind of thing. Instead of having loose pieces of paper everywhere, I keep them in journals.

Occasionally, I keep "official" journals. I kept one last year for Simple Abundance gratitude entries. I got bad at keeping it by the end of the year though. The one that I care to keep up with is a pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with my daughter. I kept reports from the doctor, dreams, name ideas and just thoughts on being pregnant. After I delivered her, I wrote about her birth and how much I loved her. I wrote regularly the first year of her life. Now I make an entry on her birthday about how much she's grown.

Since I'm a scrapbooker, I've taken everything I wrote in that journal with pictures and put it in a scrapbook for her. Someday, when she's an independent woman, I'll give it to her. I hope she'll see how much she means to me.

As for my blog, I try to keep that about reading as much as I can. Journals are just too personal to have the whole world read it. That's how I feel anyway.


  1. I did bit of short note hand journal writing as well. Some are longer and other are short notes.

    I'm also a scrapbooker, and have put some short notes journaling from my journal books, into the scrapbooks too :)

    Happy Booking Through Thursday! Hi - I don't think my old journal/diary books were fancy either. But it does have a very nice covers though ;)

    And like you, I don't even know if I would share my books with anyone. Unless if there is an important entries I think they should read :)

    one pens are difficult for me to stick with, so I tried variety of them too :)

    Happy Booking Through Thursday! Here is Mine!

  2. I am going to begin your idea of lists in a notebook/journal instead of my stickie notes (which don't stick and get lost and then I am lost without my stickies . . .).

    Your scrapbook for your daughter is wonderful: it is the words that are important, but so are the colors and textures of your life. They will tell her so much about you and about her past.

  3. I am a list maker too--when it comes to my hobbies anyway. Don't ask me to make a to do list at work or else I'll soon forget it. LOL I tend to keep those all on the computer though.

    I was given the Simple Abundance journal as a gift several years ago, but I quickly lost interest in it, sad to say.

  4. My best friend and I started Simple Abundance together but she gave up half way through. I'll admit I didn't do half the assignments. It felt like too much work! I did read it everyday though.


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