Out of the Gates

I've started my first book for the challenge: The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory. It's 514 pages long but I'm hoping it will be a quick read. I've read all the others in the Tudor Court Series. The Other Boleyn Girl was the best. The rumour is that it is being made into a movie with Scarlett Johannsen. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

The Boleyn Inheritance is pretty good so far. It's about three women in Henry the 8th's court after the fall of Anne Boleyn: Anne of Cleves, the future wife of Henry, Katherine Howard and Jane Boleyn, her maids-in-waiting.

I feel very sorry for Anne who has to marry the disgusting king. Katherine seems like a 16th century bubblehead and I'm not sure about Jane yet.

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  1. Hey Girl! Congrats on starting your first TBR book! I have been working on finalizing my challenge list and am going to fire up a blog, too. This is going to be fun!



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