One More Addiction

I didn't read a lot this weekend. I used my free time to catch up with my scrapbooking. I finished a New Year's page and a "winter fun" style page. I got the urge after I received this month's issue of Scrapbooking, Etc in the mail on Friday. I always get inspired by the people, who are so much more creative than I am, that contribute to the magazine. I'm amazed at what they come up with!

Now that I think of it, I love to get magazines in the mail. I always get so excited to see a shiny new 'zine coming out of the mailbox. I have it down to three current subscriptions: Scrapbooking, Etc, Martha Stewart Living and Family Chronicle (genealogy). Plus, I'm a sucker for home decorating magazines at the grocery store.

It must be an extension of the Book Addiction. "Words! I must have them!" I wonder of any of you other Bookaholics are like me in this. Do you have a subscription? More than one? Does the checkout counter lure you to buy more magazines?


  1. I used to subscribe to tons of magazines, but now I only have one: Entertainment Weekly. It got so bad that the magazines were piled up, unread, all over the house because I didn't have time to read them! I think you are is an extension of being a booklover. I will read ANYTHING (including the backs of cereal boxes if I am desperate!).

  2. I have a big container of MS Li ving- about 5 yrs worth. When we moved, my dh almost broke his back moving those magazines!

  3. I subscribe to a magazine for a few years, then drop it and subscribe to something new. Right now I get Rachael Ray and the free Kraft Cooking Magazine. I just subsribed to Scrapbooks, Etc. (thanks to you) and Runners World (thanks to Lisa). I have to control myself at the grocery checkout. I can spend more on magazines then groceries.

  4. Oh, I forgot the Kraft one, I get that too. I love it b/c it's FREE! I'll pick up Everyday Food at the grocery store too. It's ridiculous!


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