Just Discovered Book Trailers

I was web surfing (aka wasting time) when I came across something interesting on a book store's website. The site was The Inside Story which had "book trailers" for some of their books, including The Birth House by Amy Mckay. I never heard of such a thing before! I was impressed, actually, by the one for The Birth House, a book I would like to read this year some time.

A little more searching and I found this article: On a screen near you... from The Observer. Apparently, it's the newest thing in book publishing, although some authors debate it's effectiveness. It got my attention. Now I want to see a trailer for everything, lol!

So, do you think you would buy a book based on a book trailer?


  1. Hmmm...I don't know. The trailer is gorgeous. But it tells me almost nothing about the story or the type of book it is. Is it literary? Romance? Historical? It's set during WWI, so certainly it's at least partly historical, but still...I don't know. I think I'd need more info before considering buying it.

  2. I knew of McKay's book before I saw the trailer- so it made sense to me. Maybe the publishers' hope you'll look for more info on the book after seeing the trailer. And yes, The Birth House is historical about midwifery in NS at the turn of the last century.

  3. I think it would make me curious enough to research the book to see if I really want to read it. Maybe if they ran the trailers on TV it would get some people off the couch watching TV and reading books instead.

  4. Colleen Gleason had a book trailer out for her latest release, which did lead me to buy it. I do think that these help enhance books for people who need something more "visual." However, I tend to buy books more on recommendations rather than a short movie clip - you know what I mean?

  5. Hi, I found your blog in one of my google alerts, and I just have to comment. Not sure how effective trailers are going to be, but I've done one recently on my latest book, "The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost" (won't be out until next month) and I'm getting some pretty good responses so far. Whether it leads people to buy the book when it's released is anybody's guess but I like it because it gives a visual feel to a book. Not that it would tell you anything about the writer's style, but it does give you a hint as to what the book is about. Visual does sell, but we shall see. If you want to see my trailer, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOklaNgirZI.


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