False Start

Ok, so I found out that The Boleyn Inheritance doesn't count toward the challenge b/c it hasn't been on my TBR list for 6 mths (D'oh!). Oh well, I'll finish it first and pick something else later. I'll have to update the list too.

I've added Lady of the Sea by Rosalind Miles. It's the last in Tristan & Isolde trilogy. I wanted to read the books after I saw the movie "Tristan & Isolde". I loved that movie. The books, however, are a bit disappointing. Now I feel like I have to finish them since I started.

I also put Willa Cather's O Pioneers on the list. I saw a documentary about her on PBS. She was an unique person to say the least. I'm interested to see what her writing is like. I know I have that book packed away in a box somewhere, along with half the others! I'm going to have to make a trip to storage.

Some of my books I physically own but others I just have written down on a piece of paper crammed in a drawer. Mostly, I scribbled the titles down after a friend has mentioned it or I saw it online or on TV. I either have to buy them or get them from the library.

So, if anyone is reading this, what counts as your TBR read? Is it one of those books on your shelf you can't find the time to read or one of those books you meant to pick up after your Mom or Oprah recommended it? A series you never finished? A book you were supposed to read in school but didn't? Let me know.


  1. I actually have a couple of TBR lists! (Doesn't sound like I have an addiction or anything, does it??) I have the books that are currently at home on my shelves that are crying out To Be Read! I also have a list or spreadsheet of books that I have picked up from the book clubs as recommendations....ones that I WANT to read!

  2. Girl, I was wondering this last night when I checked out my first "challenge" book from the library. I hope it's okay to include books from both my TBR list as well as my TBR pile. Do you think we'll get busted for using library books or books on loan from friends? Did you post this question on the Yahoo site?


  3. Lisa- I didn't post the question on the Yahoo site. But, you know, not everyone has the pile of books we have. Lots of people use the library as their bookshelf. I don't think you'll get in trouble (hope not, cause I will too!)

  4. Just found your blog through the TBR Challenge group. I like your style of writing :-)
    My TBR books are books I have on my shelf that I don't seem to get to...because there are so many other books that come along LOL.
    That's why I liked this idea...I just *need* to read them now :-)

  5. Hey Christina! Okay, I tried this once and it didn't work, so if I double post you'll know why. I have Boleyn Inheritance too, but I plan to save it for later after I've read the The Other Boleyn Girl. I plan to read that in February. O Pioneers is in my TBR pile too. I really enjoyed My Antonia.

    I guess you could read The Boleyn Inheritance later this year and that would count as having it for 6 months;-)

  6. Don't worry about using the library! Tons of people on that site use the library. I think the main point of the challege is to read books that you've been meaning to for a long time! It's all in fun anyway!

  7. I see where you have The Time Travelers Wife and O Pioneers for later in the year. Maybe we could Buddy Read those?

  8. Kristy- Yes, I could Buddy Read those with you. I'll get TT Wife from the library so I'd need advance notice for that one. Pioneers is in a box somewhere...

  9. Great! O Pioneers is really short so I could read that any time. Just let me know when you find it. I'm thinking it's on Lisa's list too?

    Do you think maybe April for The Time Travelers Wife? I'm really in no hurry if you think that is too soon. BTW, I got my copy cheap from bookcloseouts.com. I blame you for that;-)


  10. Hey -- I just picked up Cather's My Antonia. Heaven only knows when I'll get to it! LOL! I read O Pioneers in high school and loved it. Been wanting to read more of her work for ever! Have fun with your Buddy Read!


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