The Dinner Fix Update

I've had The Dinner Fix for a few weeks now and managed to try a few things.

  • Ginger Beef with Egg Noodles and Snap Peas (twice)

  • Salmon with Ron's Maple-Grapefriut Sauce, Mushroom Rice and Broccoli (twice)

  • Tomato-Cranberry Glazed Pork Chops with Couscous and Kinda Greek Salad

  • Quesadillas with Cold Veggies and Dip

The best one so far was the Pork Chops....Mmmmm...pork chops! It was sooooo good. I even liked the couscous. I tried the salmon one with salmon the first time, then the next with tilapia (a fish I never had before) and that was good too. The Ginger Beef, I wasn't sure about the ginger, but I liked it a lot and it's so easy.

The only drawback has been that I've bought a lot of stuff like sauces and spices that I wouldn't usually have and the grocery bill shows it. But I think it's been worth it.

So, if I had to give this cookbook a rating, it would be 4/5.


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