The Big Reveal

Ok, unless you live under a rock or in a cave or are training for a mission to Mars, you probably know by now that Oprah's new Book Club selection is The Measure of a Man by Sydney Poitier. I didn't watch the show but checked the website until it was online. Now I think Sydney is a great man and his life is probably very interesting but I'm not really an autobiography reader. I would have liked a classic book. I have found lately that her book club shows don't really talk about the book like she used to do. But she love, love, loves Sydney Poitier so I imagine she'd do a whole hour with him. Gazing in admiration, no doubt!

Well, I have a mountain of books to read already, so I better stick with that.


  1. Hi! Yes, I was actually a little dissapointed in her pick. I think she is playing it "safe" after the whole James Frey incident. I would have enjoyed a classic as well...I don't think I will be reading this one with her. Happy reading!

  2. Hey Chris! You already know my feelings on this. I'm not a big fan of non-fiction anyway. I'd love for Oprah to get back into the Classics again. Oh well...maybe next time!


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