Banished Words

I found this funny list of words people want banished.

Can't help but agree will a lot of them, like the celebrity names. If I hear "Brangelina" one more time, I'm going to scream. The last one "Boasts" is my favorite though. As someone who just sold a house, this is so timely. No, you don't see 'bathroom apologizes for cracked linoleum' very often!

One that wasn't there but drives me crazy is 'bling'. At first, I thought it was cute, I even used it myself, but now it's so overused. I swear one of these days I'm going to turn on the news and some reporter in a pink suit is going to be saying, "A local bling store was robbed last night. Thousands of dollars in bling was reportedly stolen." Like fingernails on a chalk board...

Do you have a suggestion for the banished word list?

Oh and thanks to everyone who posted comments the last couple of days!


  1. Oh, oh, oh!! This one hits a nerve! Maybe I'm just getting more curmudgeonly as time goes on but I could give you a long list of words that I think should be banned. For now, I'll just keep it to three.
    EXTREME: Ok, I could accept this one when it applied to truly extreme sports like Helicopter Skiing where they fly you to the top of a mountain and you ski down through virgin powder, bouncing off cliffs and rocks on the way, but now I see commercials from companies like Cover Girl referring to extreme makeup?
    HEALTHFUL: I don't know why but this one just bugs me. Maybe its that I don't see the point of inventing a new word to replace the traditional "healthy".
    MORE POWER TO YOU: Alright, its a phrase not a word, but its annoying nonetheless. I used to hear it more in the past than I do now, but it still creeps into the vernacular and every time I hear it, my ears bleed.

    Whew! I feel better now!


  2. Holy flashback Marion! I haven't heard "More power to ya" (that's how we'd say it in Chcago) in quite awhile! LOL! I'd have to agree with all the items mentioned (esp. Boast in a real estate ad) and I'll add: "Believe me" that people tag on to drive their point home. I much prefer "Seriously" which I think we are all picking up from watching Grey's Anatomy.

    And at least Bling is used now instead of Bling-bling as originally coined. It still needs to be banned, though. I mean, seriously! LOL!


  3. Welcome to blogging. I dislike the term bling too.
    The one term I'd like to ban is "sucks"--I got my son to quit saying it after I told him what it really means. I think I scarred him for life.
    When I was a teen the term was "for sure" it had me labeled as a "Valley Girl." That really sucked big.


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