November 15, 2013

Friday Bookish Buzz Is Re-Gifting

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Hello all! For some reason the program I use to save my Friday links won't save anything. Grr! So I have no links. I thought instead I'd do my annual Etsy Love Gift Guide.

Through the year, I share some special homemade bookish thing from Etsy at the end of every Friday Bookish Buzz post. Since it's the time of the year when you start thinking about what to buy your bookish friends for the holiday season, I put them altogether on this Pinterest board. The Pins should all link to the item unless it's been sold or the shop closed.

As usual, disclaimers: I haven't been paid by any of these sellers, nor have I bought from them. This is not an endorsement, just some things I think look interesting. Always check the shop's feedback and happy shopping!

etsy love 2013


  1. My book club is doing a white elephant gift exchange and this is going to be such a fantastic place to start. Thank you!

  2. Nice selection! I'm just starting out with Pinterest. Yikes! So easy to spend way too much time on it!


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