November 25, 2012

Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Makeup Pin

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Hey all! I’ve been working on a Pinterest post for both Virtual Advent and Trish's Pin It and Do It (Holiday Edition), but I did do a more personal pin this weekend. With the holidays coming, it’s time to spice up my look. There are about eleventy-billion makeup tutorials pinned on the site. I picked a couple to try.

First there was this makeup tutorial for green eyes. Didn’t look too difficult. Also, this pin about false eyelashes. That one I knew would be challenging. Here are the results.

photo (3)

photo (4)







I don’t think these photos do justice to how much makeup I had on. It was a lot. That green eyeshadow is really green. I might have to tone it down for real life.

Then there were the eyelashes. Oy. I’ve never done false eyelashes before, so this was an experience. This was the “good eye.” The other one had a particular RuPaul-esqueness to it. How do people wear those gigantic ones? These eyelashes were cut down quite a bit too. I admit to cheating a bit and using YouTube to explain to me how to do it. The girl in the video made it look so easy. It’s not easy. I’m not sure if I’ll be attempting this one again. We’ll see.

For comparison, here’s how I look after I took it all off.

photo (5)

Anyway, it was fun to try.

Anyone else wear false eyelashes? Any tips?

PS- I hope all my eye photos didn’t freak you out. I can seeeeeeeee you!


  1. I think my eyelashes are thick and long enough that I have never even considered fake ones... Maybe I am missing something? Fun tutorial, though.

    1. I think I should just stick with my extendlash mascara.

  2. i was blessed with good lashes, but even so, fake lashes freak me out. I would be afraid I wouldn't do it right, or something crazy. The eye shadow doesn't show up well in the photos, but see a definite difference between the two pictures. I so don't know how to do shadow. Good tip on how to learn. Thanks Chris :)

    1. Yeah, the camera really doesn't show just how bright the eyeshadow was.

  3. I like your eye better without the make-up! :) My eyes are really sensitive and I can barely wear mascara, let alone fake eyelashes. Considering my track record with eyeliner (hilarious), I doubt I'd have much luck with those.

    1. Well, thank you, but I can't survive without eyeliner. :)

  4. I can't say I have great eyelashes but I'm so low-maintenance I'll probably never go there. You have beautiful eyes!

  5. I've worn fake eyelashes a few times, they feel quite fun and playful on special occasions. But I always go for the most natural looking ones. If a full strip feels like too much, you can cut it in half and use it just on the outer edge of your eyes for an even more natural look. There's also the individual lashes option which I haven't explored yet.
    I find Lisa Eldridge's tutorials incredibly helpful (she's a really talented make up artist), she has videos on how to use lashes here:

  6. Practice practice practice? I have only tried false lashes once and couldn't get used to the feel that SOMETHING is ON MY EYELIDS but it was fun. I have a friend who wears them every day and I don't recognize her when she has no makeup on!

  7. Your eyes are so pretty! I've always been a little jealous of people with green eyes.

    I'm not a fan of false eye lashes, but I do love wearing eye makeup. I'm too lazy to do it every day (it's not the putting it on, but the washing it off) and it's not good for my eyelashes to wear mascara that often. I have a horrible habit of picking it off at night instead of washing it off. See? Lazy.

  8. LOL! Actually it was fun to see a bit of you. You have very pretty eyes.

    I don't wear false lashes but know people who do. I want to say that they get them "installed" professionally and they last for a few weeks? I don't know--not something I ask about. I used to curl mine but then my lashes started falling out so now I don't. win all the points for creative use of Pin it Do it. ;)


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