December 7, 2011

Meep! Meep! Quick Reviews: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Hark! A Vagrant

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In an effort to keep on top of my reviews before the end of the year, I'm flaking out and doing a couple of mini-reviews. Also, if I don't put down my thoughts on these I'm going to forget about the details.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling (audiobook). Mindy has a new fan. I've found Kelly from The Office amusing in a "I can't believe she just said that" way but I didn't know much about the actress who plays her. Mindy plays Kelly well but she's not Kelly Kapoor, thankfully. Mindy recounts her experiences in The-a-tre, writing Matt and Ben (an off Broadway play) with her friend, and making it in Hollywood. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is not just anecdotes from Mindy's life but advice like, how to sneak out of parties. She also confirmed my suspicion that Amy Poehler is the nicest person in the world. I enjoyed listening to Mindy's perky voice. It's also short so it's a quick listen. Not as funny as the other NBC lady comedian/actress/writer's book but quite good. 

Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton. Cape Breton born Kate Beaton turned her doodles into a career. Hark! A Vagrant is a collection of some of her best strips. Historic and literary figures are no match for Beaton's quirky sense of humour. If you think Hipster French Revolutionaries and Sexy Tudors are funny, then you will enjoy this book. The best strips, for me, were the literary ones. I thought they were hilarious. Some of the other ones, I didn't find so amusing. That's that thing about humour, not everyone finds the same things funny. If you want to get some idea of her work, check out her website. Look at her shop too. I want a Bronte Garden Party t-shirt! (Oh Anne, you are so practical.)

Both recommended.


  1. I started Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me, but like most things I have started lately never finished it. I must try again!

  2. I love the "mini-review" idea. Maybe it would help me step out of the review hole I've dug for myself! Sexy Tudors is promising -- I'll have to check out Beaton's work.

  3. I heard Kaling speak at BEA and I felt like she was trying too hard to be funny. I'd still like to give her book a try.

  4. I've been doing some heavy hinting about wanting Hark for Xmas. Hope it I get it :)

  5. I have Hark A Vagrant sitting on the shelf. I really should pull it out...I need some humor!

  6. The Mindy Kaling book is my next audio listen! Woo hoo!

  7. The Mindy Kaling one sounds good, I think she's very funny. The Office is a fav show.


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