Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Dads and Cupcakes

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there! My daughter just made her Dad breakfast in bed, maybe a bit earlier than he would have liked but it's a nice gesture.

Last weekend wasn't so lazy. I participated in 2 runs that weekend. Here's a photo of part of the crowd waiting to start the children's fun run on Saturday. My daughter ran in her very first run- about 2 km. She was so proud! On Sunday I ran in the 5 km adults' race. I'm not much of an athlete. In fact, I'm clumsy, uncoordinated, and hate just about every sport, but putting one foot in front of the other I can do (usually). Peer pressure got me into running last year and for some reason I'm still doing it. I huffed and puffed my way through the run but finished so I'm happy about that.

This week things were back to normal. I finished Supernatural Noir, a collection of short stories, and 22 Britannia Road, an audiobook. 22 Britannia Road was a bit of a Debbie Downer, especially since I thought it was a different book. Bit of a mix up on my part. I'll have reviews of those soon. 

Even with the mail strike on, I did get a book delivery this week: Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock Star by Heather Lynn Rigaud. It looks cute. And yes, it's another Pride and Prejudice redo. Speaking of Jane Austen, I'm reading Why Jane Austen? by Rachel M Brownstein. She looks at the Jane Austen mania from an academic point of view. It's interesting but not light reading.

And how does a person rate a book like Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock Star and one like Why Jane Austen? Both could be enjoyable in their own way even though they are very different. I've decided to start rating my books here on Chrisbookarama with cupcakes and apples. I have an explanation on this page at the top of the blog. Please have a look!


I enjoy so many different kinds of books. I like silly books and serious books. Hopefully, this will help my readers find the kind of book they're in the mood for at the moment.

What do you think? Are ratings systems helpful to you?


  1. Yay for you and your daughter running the race! Enjoy your day with your family!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your race!! I love that the Chicklet participated as well. Kids get such a kick out of running with their parents; I know my oldest does.

    I hope you have a great day with the family and enjoy the rest of Father's Day!

  3. I think the new writing system makes great sense, and I'm interested to see how it goes in practice.

    And congrats on your races! :)

  4. Kathy- Thanks!

    Michelle- Yes, she had a great time.

    Silsbee- Thanks, I'm interested in seeing how it workd too! :)

  5. Congrats on your run. How wonderful your daughter participated in one too.

    I like rating systems, it gives me a reference for reviews when the reviewer is on the fence about a particular book.

  6. Thanks Lena! I've never been very good at rating books by numbers. Hopefully, I'll be better at rating them this way.

  7. Love your rating system! Mine is pretty simple (Snuggle or Skewer) since I have a hard time differentiating between levels in rating systems. "Is this book really a 2 star? Maybe 2 1/2?" You get the picture. :)

  8. That is a very clever rating system you have devised! I do appreciate a rating if I understand the reviewer's definition behind it. Because after all, 3 cupcakes to you might mean 1 to me. So knowing where you are coming from is very helpful :0)



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