Let's Do Lunch(.com)

 Recently I was approached by Lunch.com to help launch their community site and create a place for Chrisbookarama readers on their site.

What is Lunch?
Lunch is the place to share and discover relevant knowledge and opinions that are most personally relevant to you. We feature reviews, tips, lists, polls, and ratings contributed by Lunch members on almost any imaginable topic. From the latest YouTube video, bestselling novel, or political policy, to a local mechanic, life philosophy, or snowboard, it's a place for all interests.
You get a chance to rate books, post reviews, take polls, earn badges, make lists and give your opinions.

I'm just getting the kinks out and learning as I go. Please come on over and have Lunch with me!

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  1. Let me know how you like this! They contacted me as well but I have yet to fully jump on board. I am curious to see if you like it and if you think it helps your blog.

    Congrats on getting the opportunity to do more for your blog and books!


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