August 15, 2010

To the Book Depository!

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Every time I see The Book Depository*, I think of Homer Simpson saying those words. About 2 weeks ago I placed my first order to The Book Depository and just this week it came. I was so excited! They had me at Free Shipping. Seriously. When I want to order books online from certain sites, I must spend $39 to get free shipping. Sometimes I just want a $10 book and not pay more than $10 for shipping, you know? So The Book Depository is a good solution if my local bookstore doesn't have what I want. They were really fast too. I opened the envelopes and gave them a good shake because I kept thinking there must be a catch somewhere but nope, straight forward.

So what did I buy? For the chicklet, Clementine, Friend of the Week because she has the other 3 in the series already and this one just came out.

And for moi? The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I loved, loved the movie and after asking around on Twitter if it was worth reading I ordered it. I really hope it lives up to my expectations.

I would really love to read The Princess Bride with someone else because I think it would be so much fun. If anyone is up for it, I'd like to read it in September or October. Anyone? Anyone?

Maybe this will entice you.

It is a kissing book.

* And yes I'm not just a customer, I'm also an affiliate!

Obviously some people had issues with Book Depository from a couple of comments. This was a post about my own experience which was fine. I'm closing the comments since this post is very old. Contact Book Depository with your complaints.


  1. I have been wanting to read The Princess Bride for a few years now. Just let me know if and when you read it and I may join you.

  2. I'm due for a re-read and would love to do a read-along!

  3. I have read it years ago aftyer I watched the film. I would like to re-read it again. So, yes. I think October would be a better month for me though.

  4. I cant participate in the read-along but I did read the Princess Bride when I was about 17 and really enjoyed it. The film I thought was a very good version and kept the atmosphere of the the book.

  5. What fun! I've read the Clementine book and really enjoyed it.

  6. Princess Bride the book is as good as the movie.

    Was there any duty to pay with book depository?

  7. raidergirl- No but I spent around $20. I'm not sure what would happen if I spent more.

  8. I remember that episode from the Simpsons, but hadn't made the connection. I love the Book Depository though! Free shipping rocks! :)

    I read The Princess Bride in high school and really liked it. All of my girlfriends took turns reading the one copy our library had.

  9. Girl, The Princess Bride is my favorite BOOK ever. I really love the movie too, but the book. Ah, the book. I've read it 50 times (exaggeration, but still) and it never gets old. If you can't get anyone to read it with you, I'll do it. I will fit it in somehow, if only to spread the love! ;)

  10. I've been using the Book Depository for ages now and I really love it. I recently did a price comparison and the savings of buying from there compared to the cost of buying from online shops here was enormous!

    I have never read Princess Bride. Maybe I should!

  11. You'll love The Princess Bride! We did it as a family read-aloud a year or two ago, and it was such fun. Good luck with the read-along- we're going to be moving in September and things are getting crazy around here!

  12. Thanks for the interest! I'll come up with a solid plan soon.

    If you are thinking of joining, either follow my blog or Twitter page and I'll update in the future.

  13. You are so right!! Book Depository is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread, truly!! I'm from Canada too Chris and I was always ordering from Chapters online. I found having to spend $39 to get free shipping just meant I was spending more money on books than I really needed to be spending and I was ending up with books I didn't really want. For the past year I have been living in Croatia and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to have my books shipped here for free. Even if I only spend $2.00 on a book. Occasionally I find some of the paperbacks come a little bit knicked, but nothing serious. I also love the 50% off pre-orders. OMGosh, I'm sorry, I just can't stop gushing about Book Depository. And now, thanks to you, every time I go to their website I am going to hear Homer Simpson.

  14. I might be in on The Princess Bride. Heather's been at me to read it for YEARS, so I suppose I should get on with it!

  15. I've heard of The Book Depository and would like to check it out, but I'm afraid if I start I won't want to stop .....

  16. pinksheep- hehe! That's okay!

    Suzanne- I know hat you mean.

  17. 1. I love Book Depository.
    2. I LOVE Princess Bride!

    I haven't seen the movie though! I know, I know - I don't know how I've survived this long either lol. But I'm kinda afraid that it won't live up to my expectations cause I tend to hate book-to-film adaptations, especially when it's a book as great as Princess Bride. I can't wait to hear what you think when you read it. It was SO MUCH FUN and soooo sweet and romantic!

  18. Carin, at A Little Bookish, pointed me to your blog.

    "Hello. My name is Michael Ramm.I love read. Never read Princess Bride." (in my best Inigo Montoya voice)

  19. Ok. The book is SO worth it. I read it back in high school and loved it. It gives more background on some of the characters which, when re-watching the movie you actually get. Very cool. It's also got so much wit that it just an amazing book.

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  21. The issues I had with "The Book Depository" have been resolved.

    I can recommend others to buy from them.

    If the moderator would like to remove my previous comment that would be ok.

  22. I would not recommend the Book Depository to people in the U.S. I ordered a book December 8. It finally shipped on December 13. It is now December 24 and it still has not arrived. Completely unacceptable and hardly worth the minimal savings over Amazon.

  23. Hello,

    I don't really want to disappoint you about Book Depository, but the online store sucks.

    Yes, prices are great, but they give me damaged books most of the time, and delivery is way too long, far from the estimates to where I stays.

    People have been saying standard is dropping, but I realized that BD also employs internet marketers to write forum and blog comments that depict the company in a positive way. That is unethical.

    May I know if people receive books in damaged condition and longer than expected?

  24. I also ordered some books from BookDepository for the first time on October 2010.
    At early November, and while my books never arrived, they said that a full refund of 137.5 euros will appear in my account shortly.
    Shortly became FOREVER, so at January 10 of 2011 after I managed to find aphone number of them at last(!!!),some representative called Lu reassured me that they would send a cheque shortly (AGAIN!).
    Then on February 17 after I wrote them that if I don't get my cheque until the 25th, everyone on the web would hear my story, they replied that they would immediately contact their accounting department in order to send the cheque ....guess again....SHORTLY!
    I really hope they will clear my issue eventually and save me from 137.5 euros of expenditure, which -believe me- in Greece especially is a large amount of money!